Xtra Fielder sells wiffle ball equipment including wiffle ball strike zones
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Our products are proudly made in the USA
Our products are proudly made in the USA.

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"...one of the most fantastic ideas in a long time. I love your game and I'm sure everyone else will too."
— Larry S. inventor, retired doctor and grandfather from Camarillo, California

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Wiffle Ball Equipment

Xtra Fielder® Wiffle Ball Strike Zone Nets

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Xtra Fielder® carries wiffle ball equipment including wiffle ball strike zone nets for a non-aggressive outdoor game for 2 or more people.

When the batter hits the ball, he runs the bases. The ball is picked up and thrown to the Xtra Fielder.

If a thrown ball lands in the net before the runner reaches the base, the runner is OUT.

Xtra Fielder, a family game invented by a family man!
Wiffle ball nets

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Wiffle ball equipment and accessories

Wiffle Ball Equipment

If the batter hits the wiffle ball into any Xtra Fielder net, he is OUT. Pitch the ball into the wiffle ball strike zone net and it's a strike. Normal strike rules apply. Three strikes and the batter is OUT.

Xtra Fielder Makes Outdoor Games for Kids Fun:

Get your kids outside with an Xtra Fielder net game. Keep them fit and healthy while having fun and learning how to play wiffle ball with the family.

Xtra Fielder Wiffle Ball Nets Teaches Kids:

"Force outs", Throwing to the correct base, knowledge of the strike zone, Base running and throwing accuracy.

Xtra Fielder Wiffle Ball Nets Eliminates:

Hitting runners with the ball, arguing over balls and strikes, questionable 'safe' and 'out' calls, and injuries from getting hit with the ball.